SEP 25 + 26
OCT 23 + 24

SEP 25
Combining rhythms, melodies and parables from their respective Yoruba and Igbo roots
with addictive hooks delivered in pidgin-English, Yankari have a sound reminiscent of
the afrobeat greats of the 60’s and 70’s. Fuji, Highlife, Juju, Afrobeat, Jazz and Funk form
the foundation the band elaborate upon to create a 21st century heavy groove.
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Ṣelu and the Living Things celebrate life’s infinite dimensions with a soulfully rare
blend of talent and style. Evolving from a collaboration between drummer Segun
Akano (Yankari, Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble) and guitarist Morgan Baker (Louisiana
6, Pop Republic Collective), Living Things integrates afrobeat, neo-soul, jazz, and
progressive flavours into a compelling modern sound.
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SEP 26
Shnayto is a singer/songwriter from the liberties who writes heartfelt tunes that would make your grandad cry. With a simple folk-pop style, his music could be be compared to artists such as Angel Olsen, Phil Ochs or Nick Drake. He grew up learning classical guitar at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and also draws some influence from the South American music that he discovered there. His musical journey humbly began with a collection of demos in 2019, before recently releasing his latest single 'Rain'.
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OJO are an instrumental 4 piece band based in North Dublin, Ireland. Their sound is characterized by the melodic sounds of the Sunpan played by Stephen O'Kelly. Jimbo Dowling on guitar/banjo sets the pace, while Ian Carey on Bass guitar and Conor on Cajon create the backbone. It's fast, rhythmical, high energy music. The founding members, Stephen and Jimbo, originally began as a two-piece act in 2017. They quickly lit up the Dublin music scene by appearing at local venues and thrilling audiences with their own distinct sound. The Sunpan creates an almost Caribbean like vibe, while the melodies and rhythm are drenched in traditional Irish undertones.
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