SEP 18 + 19
OCT 23 + 24

SEP 18
Landless are Lily Power, Meabh Meir, Ruth Clinton and Sinead Lynch. Formed in 2013 and based in Dublin and Belfast, they sing unaccompanied traditional songs in four-part harmony.
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Laura Quirke (vocals, guitar) and Claire Kinsella (cello, vocals) started performing together while studying music and languages in Maynooth University, Ireland. Harmonious vocal melodies simply accompanied by cello and guitar, lend a sincere and honest rootsy sound.
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Maija Sofia
Maija Sofia Makela is a musician, songwriter and artist who works between the overlapping worlds of sound, performance and text. She explores language, shadowed histories, hauntings, diasporic identity, healing practices, ancestral grief, water, feminism, mysticism, traditional song archives and folklore.
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Rachael Lavelle
Rachael Lavelle is a Dublin-born composer, performer and songwriter whose influences range from ambient and baroque pop to operatic and choral.
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SEP 19
Aoife Nessa Francis
Aoife Nessa Francis is a songwriter whose debut album, Land of No Junction, was released this year. She grew up swimming in the Irish sea on the southern coast of Dublin, and the ocean’s shifting sense of loss and discovery is a constant presence in her songwriting.
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A Lazarus Soul
The trauma from s pina bifida and cancer had a huge effect on Brian Brannigan & songwriting became his coping mechanism, his way of figuring out the world. His songs became those of A Lazarus Soul & Brannigan has gone on to build a reputation as one of Ireland’s finest lyrical commentators.
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Brigid Mae Power
Brigid Mae Power is an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician. Power was born in London, England. She learned to play the button accordion before starting to sing and play piano as a teen. Power has been inspired by her experiences as a single mother.
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Cormac Begley
Cormac Begley is a solo bass, baritone, treble and piccolo concertina player from a West-Kerry musical family. He is currently one of the leading lights within Irish traditional music. He was nominated for the RTE Radio 1 ‘Folk Instrumentalist of the Year’ in 2019.
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